LDV Training Center, experts in GMP training and compliance together with European colleagues provides advisory and training services to companies wishing to improve their skills and expand knowledge in the field of GMP certification.

The main objective of the LDV trainings and seminars is to demonstrate all the specific of GMP audit, familiarize with the process of documentation preparation and GMP procedures, provide training for specialists of pharmaceutical companies, analysis of production and quality control of medicines, and others.

LDV Training Center organizes and conducts the vocational education programs:

  • Training seminars

  • Individual trainings of specialists

  • GMP and cGMP In-Plant Training

  • Distance learning

  • Webinars

  • Topics of seminars and trainings:

    -GMP area - Basic concepts and trends

    -Legislation and changes in validation

    -How to prepare and conduct audit

    -Risks Analysis

    - Presentation Measuring systems

    Workshops are held in our center in Moscow, and at customer sites. Maximum number of participants - 14.

    Schedule dates and seminar locations in agreement with the customer.

    Address: Golovinskoye shosse 8, building 2a,
    125212 Moscow, The Russian Federation  
    Phone: +7 (495) 232-61-71
    Email: info@ldv-group.ru
    Our consultants are ready to answer your questions regarding education programs and seminars.